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Wendy Hughes

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Hypnosis Works started with a simple premise, making available to every person the complimentary health resources they needed to live a healthy, active and long life and at the same time educate each person about the importance of preventative health measures, especially regarding, weight, high blood pressure and smoking. Hypnotherapy is an amazing results focused tool, which Wendy uses alongside other techniques to deal with emotional issues which are often the basis for physical symptoms.

Wendy has spent years living and working in Asia, where she became more interested in the relationship between the mind, body and spirit. Hypnosis had been something that had interested her since the 1970s and so she decided to train as a Hypnotherapist on her return to the UK. Reiki, or energy healing was also something she was drawn towards, and she has trained under Master Teacher Michael Kauffman and incorporates Reiki often, as part of the therapy. As a seasoned Samaritan Wendy is aware of the huge impact on our lives feelings and pain can make, and that it is often difficult to share this with others. Wendy offers a safe, confidential and non judgemental place for you to be able to leave these behind you and to move on in your life.  

Hypnotic Works in Covent Garden, London